View Full Version : Idenity Crisis!

11-09-2003, 7:46 PM
I just bought 2 fish a Zebra Botia and Zebra Loach.
Both known as the zebra loaches but both look completley different! At petland they sold me a zebra loach for 9.89 ! then I went to Pets N Things and got a Zebra botia ( also called zebra loach) only for 3.49! The 3. 49 one looks like the one on this link
http://loaches.com/species_pages/botia_striata.html (you may have to copy and paste) the other one i cant find on the internet. The other one is long slender white with black stripes on it! which one is the real deal!?

11-10-2003, 6:28 AM
The other one sounds like a YoYo Loach.

loaches.com link:

11-10-2003, 3:31 PM
So you checked all the pics at loaches.com and didn't find it? Could you maybe discribe it in a bit more detail. Does it have the Botia body shape or another loach shape? Any chance for pics?

I bought some loaches that were called zebra loaches but where definately not Botia striata. They turned out to be B.robusta.

What ever your loach turns out to be they like to be in groups of at least 3.

11-10-2003, 3:53 PM
These fish are similar to it! http://www.loaches.com/species_pages/cobitis_koreenis_pumilis.html


he has the body shape of those and kinda resmebles them.
he likes to hide himself alot! he does not have a botia body