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01-15-2003, 9:01 PM
I just got a dwarf pleco. I am not sure if its the proper name. I had an algae mess and within three days he has cleaned up. What do I feed him now? How much algae do they need to not feed them additionally? I feed the other guys live worms, or brine shrimp and occasionally flake food, but they pretty much eat it all.


01-15-2003, 10:44 PM
I would recomend feeding bottom feeder tablets. This is very easy to use. Just drop one in when the lights go out, that way the other fish will be asleep.

01-15-2003, 11:00 PM
The native algae in most tanks is not enough to feed a pleco for long. They'll graze it up in a few days, as you've seen, and new growths will have trouble getting established. You'll need to feed him algae tablets (available at your LFS) and/or bits of veggies (zuchini is a favorite) sunk to the bottom using a feeder clip. Your pleco will starve if you don't provide food beyond the native tank algae.

Sometimes plecos will eat other stuff that gets down to the bottom. Most aren't terribly picky and will tend to become more eclectic in their tastes as they get older. But don't rely on this.

01-16-2003, 8:49 AM
I usually drop some algae tabs in a couple of times a week.
I do notice the pleco eating some of the Oscar food crumbs at times.....and actually saw it rise to the surface to snatch a floating pellet. I took this as a sign I wasn't feeding it enough!

About once a week, I'll put a big tablespoon of frozen spinach or frozen 'greens' in a cup, and microwave it for 4-5 minutes. Whan it cools a bit, I'll dump it in the tank. The pleco eats most of it, eventually.

01-16-2003, 2:35 PM
Before we got the internet I thought the algea in the tank was enough till one day I saw my pleco at the top of the tank upsidedown I thought it was dead then it started moving going after the pellets I had in there for my oscar I then found out there wasnt enough food for him. My current two plecos get algea tablets every day at least one or two.

01-16-2003, 8:27 PM
bottom feeder tablets or algae discs.

01-16-2003, 9:13 PM
Algae wafers by Hikari is the one I feed mine. so in short algea disc the other ones are more for corydoras.

NJ Devils Fan
01-16-2003, 10:25 PM
Blanched Zuchini and Spinach are very good for plecos.

07-21-2003, 8:42 AM
i know this is a really old thread but after what NJ Devils Fan posted in reply to my msg, i wanted to ask you guys that have fed these tablets before how you get them to the otto cat before the rest of the tanks goes for it!! i heard ottos are very shy fishes and won't fight with other fishes for food!

07-21-2003, 3:27 PM
I used to feed them algae disks (forget which brand) every other day and veggies once a week but have come acrossed this new stuff that my pleco seems to love. It might be the same thing as the algae disks but is called "veggie wafers" from HBH Enterprises (that's the full name, otherwise the logo just says HBH). It says it's for all algae eaters and is "loaded with algae". My cories seem to also love them.

07-21-2003, 4:53 PM
If competition for the bottom foods is stiff, it can be hard to make sure everyone can get some without over feeding. I break the wafers into smaller chunks (not dust!) to feed in my tanks with several fish that go for the tabs. If I feed 2 wafers, at least one goes in whole and the other gets broken up. that way, the big can claim the whole tab, and everyone else goes for the chunks.

I also do this to prevent my larger snails from claiming the whole thing.

07-20-2004, 4:50 PM
Naive question from a newby - can the algae discs introduce live algae to your aquarium. Is this a concern?

. . .and yes, this is my first post. I have been lurking for a few days since discovering this site while researching my first foray into aquaria. Looking forward to getting started!

07-20-2004, 7:12 PM
While I won't say they can't introduce Algea, it really doesn't matter because algea will get there one way or another garanteed. Feeding algea wafers won't make any difference.