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12-02-2002, 4:03 AM
well I left town for thanksgiving weekend and left my friendi n charge of feeding the fish, and when I came home, I noticed that several of the neons and ALSO my convicts have white "things" on them

the "things" almost look like miniature bubbles
the fish are in TWO separate aquariums ALTHOUGH a pleco (which has NO signs of the things) has been transferred between the aquariums in the last week

can anyone tell me if this is ich or any other disease, or else post pics of ich on this thread so I can make an ID on what is wrong with my fish, or what I can do about it, I REALLY don't want to lose all of my fish!!

thanks in advance

12-02-2002, 5:22 AM
According to your description I find that its Ich which is generally found once in a life cycle of an aquarium, but still to reconfirm you can also check out with your fishes behaviour.

does it tries to flash its self to the gravels or the decoration of the tank?

Swims more rapidly the ever?

If yes its Ich

You dont need to get tensed as it is a very normal thing, I can say you this because few days back even I faced the same problem and resolved it with in 2 weeks, yes its a long time but you'll definatly get rid of it.

Firstly do 30% water change and rise the temprature to 75d F as it increases the lifecycle of the bacteria and they'll die soon, add some Malachite Green as per the directions do this procedure for 2 weeks and you'll find your fish in a better position.

Also, If all of your fishes are suffering from the same sickness then its fine but if one or two are the the please isolate those fishes as this is very contagious disease.

Best Regards,
Gaurang Shah

12-02-2002, 5:41 AM
No point isolating as the disease is in the water. You must treat the tank. Moving the fish spreads the disease.

First of all, is it really ick? Ick looks like this: http://www.aquarium.net/0197/0197_1.shtml.

If the things you can see are larger than this, it's something else.

12-02-2002, 6:05 AM
If you do have Ick, I used in the past Aquari-Sol where one uses 12 drops to 10 gallons of water regularly, once a week as a preventative. But, for treatment I also raised the tank temperature to 85 degrees, using the dosage as above daily until the Ick was gone.

12-02-2002, 8:34 AM
Each Ich looks like a zit, grayish white the size of a grain of salt. Often gills are infested first, and you don't actually see the first generations, but the fish is flashing against rocks or gravel.

12-02-2002, 9:00 AM
Dont panic! Just remember to do water changes before adding new medication. quick cure is what i used. It did the trick. The info that Faramir gave you is a good tool. Do the whole tank!!!! Good Luck dona

12-02-2002, 12:11 PM
alright, thank you all for the help, my fish look exactly like the fish in the link you sent, so I am sure they have ich now

so I will treat them, my question is this

I have heard that some treatments are not good for loaches, can I keep my loaches in the water while I am treating it?

will they be ok?

12-03-2002, 9:01 AM
i think it's 1/2 dose for loaches and scaleless fish.... some of them definately have problems with treatments, like clown loaches.....

try a new thread, or maybe someone else will post when this bumps to the top.