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    LFS in Orange County


    i live in orange county, california and i havent been able to locate a good lfs in my area. I have visited sanbar, and fish 2000 but they dont have everything that i would expect from a good, fish store. does anyone who happens to live in orange county have knowledge of a good lfs in the surrounding area. if so, id be grateful to know about it! thanks.

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    Been a while

    It has been a long time since I lived in Huntington Beach, seems there were some LFS on Beach Boulevard, maybe some by the Westminster Mall, not sure if you are even close to that part of Orange County, should be some in every town there, unlike where I live in the Mountains of North Carolina, I have to either go to Wal-mart, or drive an hour and a half to a big city to find a petsmart, or LFS.

    Good Luck to you

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    This is the best resource for locating stores that I have found. The reports are from fellow hobbyists, so tend to be very honest assessments.

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