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    What Ich remedies can I use with peacock eel in the tank??

    He doesn't have ich but I am suspecting that a fish or two MAY have ich. (not many spots yet...) What can I use safely? I have malachite green as I have live plants as well.
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    I used AquariaSol (I think that is the name). It is for sensitive fish and I have black ghost knife.

    I used it at half the recommended strength for twice as 1/2 dose for twice as many days as listed.

    It will kill any inverts as it contains copper. Not sure of effects on plants - I removed all of the plants before I started to treat.

    I also put the temp up to 82-83.

    It worked well for me and no ill effects on the black ghost - but then again - he did not have any spots to start with - just the Tetras.
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    Salt and heat are all you need to treat Ich, forget the chemicals, 1 tsp/gallon will do it. Just raise the temp to about 82 to speed up the life cycle of the parasite, (they're only vulnerable in the free-swimming stage) and the salt will blast them when they leave the cysts on the fish.

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