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    Kissing Gouramis and Angelfish

    I've heard that kissing gouramis aren't good tankmates for angelfish because they make suck the mucus from the angelfish's sides. Is this true or not? And if not, are they suitable tankmates for one another?

    BTW, the angelfish is the primary fish. If I can't have both, I'll have the angels.

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    I've never heard of Kissing Gouramis doing that... They may not be good tank mates because, gouramis have a tendancy to harass other fish... Angels may become freaked...

    Then again, I may be wrong.
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    I have blue gouramis 1 m/2f in with a breeding pair of Angels and there is no problem. The angels will chase them off when there are eggs but other than that they leave each other alone.
    I was in my LFS the other day and the newest member of the staff there told a woman that angels should not be put in a tank with other fish and specified gourami's because the angels were too agressive and would kill anything in the tank with them. I almost fell over laughing at this idiot! Yes Angels can be agressive but no more than any other fish protecting it's territory, and I've only seen that during breeding. I do not remove the gourami's when there are angel eggs and the angels only run them off when they get too close.
    Look at any compatibility chart and you will see that gourami's are recommended tankmates.
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    kissing gouramies are different from blue gouramies,they are hard to feed and yeah,if they aren't fed they will feed on the slime of other fishes,it takes patience to make them eat flakes and pellets,for the time being,feed them frozen or non frozen bloodworms if you got these fishes.
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