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    Fluval VueTech Heaters


    E series (I have a 50/100 and 150 watt)
    Link to product description!HAG01

    Price range
    39-70 CAD
    Easy to read, Very nice to have Therm/Heater in one unit. Color Coded LCD lets you know if your tank is in the safe zone or warm/cold at a glance. very efficent ( I have a 150 watt in a 180 w/ 150 gallon sump and it keeps everything warm all night when the MH's are off) Nice to have a heater with a Plastic Guard built in
    The LED is always on leaving a mild green glow at night.
    Star rating (1-5 with 5 being the best)
    How long have you used the product?
    about 12 months as I Won mine at a Hagen Trade show
    Build quality and value for your money.
    These things are friggen indestucable I've dropped them on ceramic tile, Dropped live rock on em and had my Oscar ( RIP Ol Gill Apr.2 1995 - dec 25 2008 ) Decide on where it belongs in the tank. He had broken many a heaters even with guards.
    Other comments
    Although hagen has a bad name in the Pet Industry. I feel they've came along way sence they hired 3rd party research groups for each section (Fish/reptile/small animal) And I belive we'll be seeing great things from them shorty in the future ... who would have thought .. hagen do something RIGHT !!

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    Thanks. Helped me decide to buy one for my new Nano Halfmoon tank.

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