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    Stopped Breeding

    I had a pair of angels spawn in a community tank, tank has lotsa wood and live plants. In an effort to raise some of the eggs I set up a 29g tank with just a heater, slate and sponge filter in it and moved the pair into it. It has been almost a month and nothing. The filter was "aged" and the water peramiters mirror the original tank. Is there a step I missed or something else they need to spawn again?

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    You may need to simply give them time to adjust to their new surroundings. I have used pieces of ovc pipe successfully in the past, maybe try this. I would also follow a few days of good feedings with a series of 1/3 water changes. Make the replacement water 1-2 degrees cooler than the tank water and put it in slowly. This mimicks the changes that take place in nature during the early rainy season and has been known to induce spawning. OTOH, sometimes angels simply take a break for a few months and then return to business as usual. The key to remember is that fish need an environment that results in excellence to devote the energy to spawning. Get there and they will do the rest.


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