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    set it up and check the flow rate

    from there you can set up the filtration.

    I have a similar set up on a 29 .. it is , in my case, an internal filter.. I layered mine a similar mesh around the pump ..but my pump sits at the bottom of the internal sump. the mesh will allow flow and keep the pump from clogging..I then have layers using plastic light diffuser cut to fit.
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    That's an old DAS deluxe series with the H39 filter system. I used to have the very similar DAS custom series with the overflow box.

    It's not an overflow but a built in filter system. The water would flow through the skimmer section on the right side of the filter and then through a series of sponges till it went up the center intake pipe to the pump and then back in the tank.

    Overrall it was a pretty terrible filter system and replacing it with a good canister filter would be a lot better.

    Very nice tanks though. Extremely heavy, and evaporate water like crazy because there was no form fitting glass lid were my only complaints.


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