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    Yes, lol the secrets out. I think it had something to do with spending way too much time in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams as a youngster when everyone else was doing normal childhood things.

    On another note. I've been snorkeling in a few tropical places. And to me it doesn't compare to the times I've recently spent snorkeling in the rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams I grew up around. Too bad it took me 27 years to discover it. For anyone that hasn't tried it. Do what I did. Pick up a cheap snorkeling set at walmart during the summer and find a nice clear place to enjoy. A few days later you'll be shopping for lots better equipment like I did. It's the best to see the fish you've caught and watched from above in thier own world uninhibited by glass walls. Gets a little shady though when those pesky water snakes mistake that sunburned back for a rock, or when you turn over a rock and one comes straight at your mask. Also if you do try it and it's rocky get a set of diving gloves. Your fingers will thank you.

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    Brian, to Aquaria Central, home of the most North American fishkeepers on the internet

    One place you may want to start is the aquarium in Cherry Hill, I think it is. Most aquariums have a local waterways component, and you can find out who the curator for those exhibits are. I've been to this aquarium and it has Atlantic Coast orientation, but it would still be a good place to start...


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