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    What is your thoughts on common plecos?

    I know the common pleco is a fish some people despise, but what are your thoughts on them? I personally really do love them and think they are unique. Here is my beauty named Bubba.
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    I love them and hope to have them in any tank I keep, no matter what else I might put in there. They have such unique and fun personalities ^^ I know some people have complained about them uprooting and destroying vegetation but I've always gotten mine while small and never had that problem develop (crossing fingers!).

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    I don't despise them or hate them. The problem is, PetBoxMart sells 1" common plecos for $1. They may be an interesting fish, but I would think people would "despise" arrowanas if they had a tank with 200 of them about 1" long and sold for $1. Especially if they were part of the 10 gallon tank promo because they will only grow to the size of the tank right? and when they are a foot long in that 10 gallon you can just flush it, spend another $1 and get a new one. I think people talk bad on them because not many people keep them properly. If you like them, keep them right
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    I think they are great if someone is willing to properly care for them throughout their lives.
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    I know there looked down on by many but I think it's mainly for them being so dang common and getting so darn big. It wouldn't be an issues if BN's were commons vs. the P. pardalis or P. gibbiceps. It's the bad info given and lack of knowledge that the buyer has that get to most true fish owners. With modern technology you don't even got to leave a fish store to look up info on a fish you can look it up on your smart phones now.

    I personally don't care much for P. pardalis but the Gibby on the other hand I just love it's markings. They just get a little to big and to fast for me to own with all my other Pleco's.

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