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    petworld in rochester, ny

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    In Portland Oregon.

    I have visited most in the area My two favorites stand out far and away superior, in all ways, to the rest. Most others are downright depressing <IMO>.

    The Cleanest & Best selection
    The Wet Spot
    The Friendliest & close second in all aspects
    Pets On Broadway

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    W 99th and Broadway

    This store is currently closed due to a fire, but should be reopening in a month.

    New World Aquariam
    E 38th St and 3rd Ave

    I beleive that I have visited every non-chain store in Manhattan that has live fish, and these are the only two that are decent. And they are both VERY nice.

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    Atlantis Tropical Fish and Aquariums
    1930 Rock Springs Dr
    Las Vegas, NV

    (702) 869-6448
    Open 7 days a week
    Monday-Saturday 10-7
    Sunday 12-6

    Greatest fish store ever. They are wonderful and know everything there is to know about each fish they sell in their store. Great prices, great selection. Family owned and operated, very funny people. Appreciate their customers and work hard to keep them.
    ~20 gallon~
    1 Dalmation Balloon Belly Molly
    1 Red Wag Platy fry
    The rest TBD
    ~10 gallon~

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    pet connection
    rt 25 A
    wading river NY
    Bruce is the owner has a great selection of hardy fish and he answers your emails

    aqua hut
    coram long isalnd NY
    really nice place greaty prices too picked up an aquaclear 110 49.99 + tax
    most place including petco 79.99

    magical isle
    centerreach NY
    another long island store

    brians aquarium
    rocky point NY
    nice but they seel some of the rger fish arawannas and some big oscars
    also they had chinese high fin loaches unless they were misnamed get to a size of 39 inches and i would say that their high fin makes them as tall as they ae long i dont think these types of fish should be sold for the home aquarium

    country critters
    rt 112patchouge Ny
    this is where a lot of the large stuff people abandon end up

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    Bird Shop & Aquariums
    1034 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB Canada R2W3R1

    Very attentive, knowledgeable staff willing to answer customer questions, but above all Clean!
    I have gone to far too many pet stores with more than one Piranha tank or other predatory fish that had Fungus ridden dead fish floating nearby.

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    Pet stores near Salem, Oregon

    Fins & Feather's & 4-Legged Friends
    954 N Pacific Hwy,
    Woodburn, OR
    (503) 981-4496

    Very small shop. About 70-90 tanks in the back. Saw Kribs, Keyhole Cichlids, various Rainbows, Pirranha, Dinosaur Bichir, and the usual Mollies, Platy, Swordtail, goldfish, and "misc Cichlids", and others. 2 or 3 saltwater tanks but not sure what was in those. Picked up a couple Bolivian Rams there. The owner just ordered 400 tanks and is going to become a breeder/wholesaler.
    Advanced Aquarium
    120 17th St NE,
    Salem, OR
    (503) 316-9974

    Used to be my favorite store for cichlids and hard to find fish. Now is saltwater only. I heard one of the owners left and opened "The Wet Spot" in Portland.
    Salt Water Fantasy
    3619 Liberty Road South,
    Salem, OR 97302
    (503) 378-7578

    Haven't been there in quite a while as they are saltwater only. But if you're into that I have seen some impressive fish there. Lionfish, sharks, rays, etc..
    Scamp's Pet Center
    831 Lancaster Dr. NE Ste. 31
    Salem, Oregon 97301

    In the Lancaster Mall. Just phoned them and they do sell fish. She said they have so many tanks back there that she wasn't sure what all they had (I was looking for blue rams or Apistos). lol Will probably swing by there tonight as they are open til 9pm.
    2925 Lancaster Drive Northeast, Salem, OR 97305
    (503) 362-5325
    628 Lancaster Drive Northeast, Salem, OR 97301
    (503) 391-1828
    Samurai Guppy
    1010 Hampden Ln NE
    Salem, OR 97301-2210
    (503) 371-3474

    Tried calling them the other day and it said the number was disconnected. Could not find them in the phone book anymore. They used to be on Lancaster and had been around for years. It's possible that they have closed.
    Albany's Amazing Aquarium
    1237 9th Ave Southeast
    Albany, OR,
    (541) 926-3355

    Haven't been down to Albany in a while, but this is an interesting store. He buys and sells fish and equipment so his store can become quite cluttered sometimes. Some interesting trivia about the owner...

    "Roger Hawthorne has been raising Tropical Fish in Albany since 1957.
    He opened the Albany Aquarium in 1957 at 5th and Washington.
    Roger started Saltwater in 1958 shipping Seahorses via 'Parcel Post
    Special Delivery' because there were not enough local Salt hobbyist.Roger commenced breeding Discus in 1959 and Africans in 1960.
    In the mid-sixties he started to play with taking the milt and roe
    (sperm and eggs) from fish and using Ultraviolet Radiation to help
    sterilize the water. Roger was perplexed at the results and was
    'given the facts' by Dr. George Streisinger of the University of
    Oregons' Institute of Molecular Biology. The Albany Aquarium was
    priveledged and proud to supply the original A and B strains of Zebra
    Danio that were cloned and are now used in so much medical research
    world-wide. Roger is confident major breakthroughs will come from
    the fields of Diabetes and Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, and Cancer
    Research. The 'Glowfish' is a Zebra with DNA extracted from a sea
    urchin. That new fish would have never existed without enormous
    work in Genetic Engineering. It is used to test water in the wild. A
    lot of Enviromentally Dirty Rivers will be cleaned."

    Off the top of my head those are the stores closest to the Salem area. Tons more in the Portland area an hour away (and listed in someone else's post already, I beleive.) if you don't mind the drive and sometimes busy traffic. I'm sure the Springfield/Eugene/Corvallis areas have their share, too, but are around a 2 hour drive from Salem.

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    I really like Old Towne Pets In La Crosse, Wi. This place has some really nice prices because the guy is having a huge sale on aquariums and fish. Theres a really nice selection of stuff there too.

    1233 Caledonia St
    La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601

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    The Fish Tank

    I am very sad to announce that The Fish Tank in Sunnyvale, CA is closed for good.
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    didnt read all the i dont know if this place has been posted yet..but

    Pacific aquarium and plant supplies in NYC, best live plant and fish selection i have seen so far, they take excellent care of all their fish and plants, some of the most knowledable people i have met, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better that petco! LOL

    its on delancey street, A train to west 4th, then transfer to the F train, get off at delancey, make a left when you get out of the station, walk straight down, small storefront, but pretty big inside, their sign is yellow with large red lettewrs, so..easy to spot

    heres a link to a yahoo page about them, *** all the info, as well as feedback

    Pacific Aquarium & Plant Supply

    store hours are 10am - 8pm

    this is one of their planted tanks

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