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Betta with swollen head

Discussion in 'Freshwater Illness and Disease' started by Call Jackie, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Apr 16, 2015
    My betta's right side of his head is swollen. He has a white spot at the top right of his head and one on the bottom right. His gill is open and it looks like there is something white in there. It looks like someone took a white spear and stuck in through the right side of his head. He is breathing harder. The white does not appear anywhere else on his body.

    Here are his water parameters: ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate-0, ph-7.6...we have very hard water. He is in a 10 gallon heavily planted tank...nothing sharp or pokey. Aqua 20 filter with a baffle and a sponge over the intake. I have had the tank for 7 months, and nothing has been changed.

    Also in his tank: 2 Amano Shrimp, 2 Otos, 3 Olive Nerites

    I have put him in a hospital tank, 2 1/2 gallon, added 1/4 tablet of Jungle Fungus clear and 1 tsp aquarium salt, with a soft silk plant for him to rest on. Temperature is 80 degrees.

    Please, does anyone have any suggestions.

    Wilson is my "first love".

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