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BIG FISH IN ARGENTINE (salminus maxillosus)

Discussion in 'Fishing Forum' started by elpeta, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Hi, this is my first theme and would like to tell you about one of the biggest fish of my country, for those who just think that in Argentina only find good meat, wine, tango and women, I will come to show a video of " EL DORADO "in my country and for you" Salminus maxillosus "... the largest are found in the town of concord to the Uruguay River


    A slight story of the species

    El Dorado (Salminus maxillosus) is a species native to South America that lives Argentine territory and parts of Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.
    There is no relationship with salmonids in Patagonia's rivers although they may seem in the jumps, as strength in the distances covered and physically in the adipose fin is midway between the dorsal and caudal fins.
    As a great swimmer he is, prefers waters with strong currents which are good amounts of oxygen and the best chance to catch their prey. Still has a great capacity to adapt to calmer waters or reservoirs where he was locked up as evidenced by the Rio Hondo dam.
    Their anatomy - conformation of the mouth texture of stomach and intestinal tract length - have the ability to swallow large pieces and make a quick digestion. They feed on shad, catfish, bream, wolf fish, pompano, beetles, and moray eels .
    Gold is an impressive musculature Characin of life develops in successive migrations trophic (food) and breeding. Males are fertile after the second year of life and females after the third. They release eggs in the stream to which the males fertilize them with sperm. Hatch in the vicinity where do they prey on shad and from his earliest youth. A wonderful natural cycle brutally interrupted by the indiscriminate commercial fishing, predation and comtaminación of natural areas.
    The powerful jaws, conical teeth house can kill their prey with a single blow.
    When charged a dam began a fast race, probably with the aim of getting rid of their fellows who seek to snatch food.
    Perhaps for that reason the fish is seen that extremely violent run when you take our bait, fly or lure.


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