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Bushynoses Digging?

Discussion in 'Plecos' started by bacon5, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. bacon5

    bacon5 AC Members

    Dec 24, 2009
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    Hey everybody so heres what happened.
    I have had this male bushynose for quite a while and at the last auction i picked up a female. When they met they started flaring their fins and popped out their spines near the gills. They kept on circling each other. The next day I noticed that there were these pits and it seems that the were digging or something. Are they getting ready to breed and if so should I do anything else? Thanks for the help.

    Ps. a side note is that the female is about an inch bigger than the male.
  2. TheFishBoss97

    TheFishBoss97 AC Members

    Feb 12, 2011
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    San Jose, CA
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    never seen my pair or any of my plecos do that flare thing......you are sure they are a pair, right? idk about them digging, are they hungry? what are they eating? and is there DW in the tank? tank stats would be helpful too........just some toher info for breeding

    this works for me for plecos and a few other fish

    do lots of water changes, then do fewer, and then do more, and then do fewer for a longer period of time.....?idk if that makes sense, but it works:D

    add lots of options......espcially tight squeezes barely big enough for them both

    avoid lots ofd light, even only daylight or light from your light...lol only is best....

    and let the dad stay with the babies as long as he does, keep the tank BB in the beginning and once fry are free swimming, only then should you add a tiny layer of subrate(just since they tend to just die without substrate at that stage, idk why)

    hope that helsp:

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