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Clown & Anemone Enemies

Discussion in 'Anemone' started by vteel, Jun 8, 2007.

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    So my Clown is not taking to my Pacific LT Anemone at all. In fact, I think they are becoming enemies.

    This morning I noticed that a couple of the tenitcles on my anemone were bent over and turning greenish brown. Only two of them, a couple others were bent a little but fine in color. What could this be?

    My readings are:

    PH: 8.2
    Temp: 77
    Ammonia: 0
    NitRATE: 0
    NitRITE: 0
    SG: 1.024

    75 gallon.
    roughly 50lbs. live rock
    2 Feathers
    Snowflake Eel
    Pacific Anemone

    I thought maybe the Anemone is not getting enough food. I have fed it 1-2 pieces of Krill every other day (only had it a week). So I fed it some this morning and it took it right away. BUT, my clown then came over, took it from the Anemone, and dropped it inside one of the caves where all my little hermits are hanging out. I fed the Anemone again and the clown came over AGAIN and took the Krill, swam with it a bit, then dropped it inside the cave for ther hermits.

    Could my Anemone be starving because my Clown is stealing its food? Does an Anemone usually make friends with Hermits? It's the strangest thing that my clown is feeding my hermits.

    Any ideas why my Anemone could have the couple odd looking (greenish-brown half way down)?

    I have very intense lighting (not sure of the wattage) and the blue lights are on 10 hours and the white lights for 9.

    I bought some RO water to do a 20% water change this weekend.

    Thanks for the help!


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