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Dangerdoll's specs

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by Dangerdoll, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Dangerdoll

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    Aug 27, 2002
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    Freshwater set-up
    55 gallon:
    2 300W heaters
    2 emporer biowheel 400 filter
    Floralife tube light (watt not indicated)
    natural riverbottom stones
    1 log of driftwood
    small cave, looks like a tree trunk on it's side
    silk plants & one real plant, + walmart bulbs
    WAHOOO!! Cycled and stable!!

    1 lemon head pleco
    2 fantail goldfish
    3 cories

    Saltwater set-up
    46 gallon corner tank handed down from sister
    should be 2-3 inches sand, but the fish make dunes in areas
    80lbs of live rock
    remora skimmer
    2 powerheads (I forget the brand)
    penguin biowheel (330)
    150 watt heater
    1 strip light
    1 coralife minimight with 2 bulbs (not sure of wattage but one is for day, one for night)
    2 green mushroom rocks
    2 percula clowns
    1 pajama cardinal
    1 electric blue damsel
    1 2-stripe damsel
    1 damsel.... no idea what kind but I call him ice-pop
    10 zebra hermit crabs
    a few snails
    1 or 2 porcelain crabs
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