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MMarr's Tank Specs

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by MMarr, May 23, 2005.

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    Jul 23, 2005
    Now my tank is fairly new and I didn't do my research before I added the stuff, I will be getting newer stuff, and better combinations of fish in time.

    My Tank

    Tank Specs

    33G (U.S) Glass Tank
    37"Length x 7"Height x 13"Width
    AquaClear 70 Filter
    Elite Submersible 115Volt 100Watt Heater
    Thermometer Ranging 0 - 110F (0 - 43C)
    Maxima Air Pump (Art # A-805)
    1 Flourescent 10W bulb Lighting the tank
    A decent black cover


    White and Purple Substrate, around 1"-3" thick, Height of substrate varies
    Various amounts of plastic plants, one massive plant, a few large ones, and many medium and small ones
    A "cave" where my frog usually hides
    2 other stone decorations, almost hidden in plants
    A line of bubbles shooting out the back, and a plastic scuba diver who also shoots out bubbles, located near the middle of the tank
    A light blue background, there's a large picture of something on it, but I can't figure it out


    6 Black Neon Tetras
    2 Buenos Aires Tetras
    2 Bloodfin Tetras
    2 Black-skirt Tetras
    1 Zebra Danois (i think)
    1 Brilliant Rasboras
    1 Marbled Angelfish (BEAUTIFUL)
    1 3" Long Common Pleco (Black)
    1 American Clawed Frog
    Total fish:16
    Total Animals:17

    My Ideal Tank would be much much different than this, and when I get the chance, these changes will be made. This is my ideal tank

    My Ideal Tank

    Tank Specs

    I would make these changes:
    An Airpump with more power
    4 30Watt Bulbs for lighting


    I would make these changes:
    Dark, brownish/orange and black substrate 2" - 5" deep
    A Heavily planted tank injected with CO2
    Some Driftwood
    A Dark background, basically black would be best, with no pictures whatsoever


    I would remove all animals, and replace with:
    6 Cherry Barbs
    1 Common Algae Eater
    7 Harelquin Rasboras
    6 Rummy Nose Tetras
    2 Wonder Golden Killifish
    8 Ghost Shrimp
    6 Black Neon Tetras
    6 Cardinal Tetras
    Total fish:34
    Total Animals:42

    I understand this is a lot of fish, but a few of those species such as the black neon tetras and the cardinal tetras school together very well and I'm sure It would work out.
    This combination was thought out somewheres else on this forum and I found some pictures of all of them, and I realized how cool this would look in a tank altogether, and I like it. So I stole the idea :-D

    I will be taking pictures of my tank soon, and I'll make an album for them and link the album here. Any questions or comments please PM me, I'm open for suggestions!
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