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Redecorated :)

Discussion in 'General Cold & Temperate Water' started by Cowgrl4life, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Cowgrl4life

    Cowgrl4life AC Members

    Dec 25, 2011
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    Fort Scott, KS
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    Ok, so I was fed up with the way my GF tank looked, not to mention I'm super overcrowded until tax returns when we're planning to build a 300gal above ground outdoor pond on our front porch. . . That said, Some remodeling and re-arranging was done today. I have 5gf that are simply too small to go in with my "big guys" so they were already living in a rubbermaid tote on the floor. I added a second rubbermaid tote, and put three of the big guys in to spread them out. This leaves 5 Big guys still in the tank vs. the eight in my approx 70gal octagon, which has a pretty small footprint. Then, I took out most of the decorations I had re-decorated with last year (I'm sick of looking at them) and put in driftwood and tons of rocks, and left a few of their plastic plants. . . I tried to keep the majority of the floor open, and decorate mostly in the back to give them more space. I have to say that I'm finally beginning to understand the importance of the "footprint" though. I had these same goldfish (actually a couple of the small ones too, so 10) in my 55 gallon before and never had the overcrowding I feel like I've got now. So the plan is frequent water changes on the rubbermaid totes, and hanging in there until I get my pond. But for now, I'm much happier with our arrangements, and I think they are too :)

    Rubbermaid totes

    Octagon Setup

    Goldies22gal.JPG Goldies2.JPG Goldies1.JPG
  2. finsNfur

    finsNfur AC Members

    May 29, 2008
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    They are all really beautiful! And I hope you will share pics of your porch pond.

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