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  1. lampro

    Beautiful 10 Gallon Vivarium Set Up!

    I just recently set up this vivararium and it turn out better than expected! ? Any fish or schooling fish recommendation? Equipment set Up: JC&P RGB Clip on light and full spectrum light with built in timer and full color control CO2 at 1 bubble per second Hang on Filter Plant List: lucky...
  2. R

    Hardy mid to high light plants

    So I’ve done some research and I can only ever find low light plants for beginners. I have bright LED lights on for 8-9 hr a day (which I’ve elevated to reduce intensity) and it still completely destroys my java fern, Anubias and anacharis. (There’s literally just a rhizome leftover from one of...
  3. L

    Custom 550L Planted aquarium build

    550L Planted aquarium build We have recently just set up a planted aquarium for our client in London. The client was looking for a heavily planted double island style aquascape in their living space. Any feedback is appreciated (good or bad)!! Thanks all. Aquarium Specs: Tank: 550L or...
  4. Squawkbert

    46 bow -> 65 tall upgrade thread

    The 46 bow in my sig is being replaced w/ a 65 tall. Got it during a pre xmas sale w/ stand at Petsmart, fish have been hanging in the basement in old tanks. Pool filter sand over flourite - how's this for hardscape? Too much wood?
  5. Gabler

    Oyster Reef Tank

    I've seen plenty of marine reef tanks. The best are spectacularly beautiful, but they've always felt incredibly alien. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, and I feel most at home with temperate species, so I can't imagine keeping a marine tank in my house. It just...
  6. irishspy

    20g-Long build thread

    Howdy! I finally got my 20g long tank set up and cycling last night, so I thought I'd share some pics. Right now it's just water, rock, and wood (and one tacky ornament). Plants should be going in next week. The specs are these: Coralife 65 watts 6700k CFL light Aquaclear 50 HOB filter, with...
  7. M

    New Aquascape: Edens Gate

    So tomorrow i will be starting my new aquascape. it is a section of a weeping willow forest with a path. what makes it cool is the unique bonsai driftwood im using (which was really hard to find) heres a link to the type of wood am using :