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  1. FishL0ver

    Wood Mystery

    I have a piece of wood (I don't know what kind) that has some kind of clear goo growing on it. I have noticed that the snails and guppies like to eat it. Once they eat it, it doesn't grow back. Once it started appearing, I noticed that it turned the water very murky. Should I be concerned?
  2. R


    I have a 20g tank just her and LG pleco, had her for about 2 yed. What are the dark spots appearing and what about the fraying of her tail find? I've only just noticed the spots the last couple of days. Seems to be eating decent, and acts a bit lethargic. What could this be?
  3. J

    Fish with very aggressive bacterial infection?

    Within a few hours, one of my danios acquired a white fungal looking growth on it's mouth that forced it to stay open. In fear of a bacterial infection, I isolated the fish in another tank holding the same water to the previous tank. I immediately put an antibacterial in both tanks and changed...