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  1. hickory_smoke

    Help! Mysterious Spot on Betta's Head?

    Hello everyone! First-time fish keeper, I've had my aquarium for about two weeks now! I have a beautiful male black orchid super delta betta fish, two African dwarf frogs, and three blue mystery snails! I have them all in a 9 gallon Fluval Flex aquarium with all live plants. All seem to be doing...
  2. K

    Sick Neon Tetra! I’m a novice that needs advice

    I had 7 neon Tetras for about a month. About a week ago one passed very suddenly. He was fine till an hour before and his only issue was swimming weird. Now another is sick and I can’t figure out what it is. It’s only swimming strange and it’s eyes seem bigger then the others, so maybe popeye...
  3. A

    External Filter Choice

    Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade my 120L tank with an external filter, with no idea where to start if I'm honest. I'll be looking to live plant it in the next couple of months, and currently have it stocked with a flame gourami, 3 kuhli loach, 6 guppies (all male- no breeding), and 6 panda...
  4. M

    Battling ich for the first time

    I’m currently battling my first case of ich and have, for safety measures ,removed my ivory mystery snail and guppy fry to the only think I had available (1g tank that I use to transfer water during water changes) and I am wondering if i can keep them in the tank while I’m combating ich with out...
  5. J

    Tetra tank question

    Hello, I'm just starting my first tank. I was wonder if 16gal would be enough for 12 tetras( 6 neon and 6 phantom), 2 dwarf frogs and some snails? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. V

    Getting a toad for the first time

    I would like to get a toad but in fact, I know nothing about them, neither where should I start. Which species are the best for a beginner? How much place do they need? Where do I get food for them (visited several local shops and they offer nothing for toads)? How do I take care of a toad in...
  7. S

    Sick betta, can't figure out what's wrong

    Hello, this is (unfortunately) my first post because I don't know where else to go. My poor betta Charlie got sick a long while ago, I would say about a month ago. At first I thought he was just constipated due to being overfed pellet food. He was still able to swim but was staying on his side...
  8. K

    I'm ready to own my first, real tank. But first, some questions?

    Hi friends! I recently decided I wanted to run a real tank. Growing up, I always got the goldfish from carnival games, just to take them home and stick them in a small bowl (I swear, those bowls must be less than a gallon?!), some glow in the dark gravel and a bright pink, fake plant. Well...
  9. V

    Too many fish for a 30 gallon tank?

    Hi! My 30 gallon tank has finished cycling, and so far I have 9 zebra danios in it. I plan on having the following fish, and I am wondering if they will be fine. 1 angelfish 2 dwarf gouramis, maybe pearl 9 zebra danio 1 or 2 bristle nose pleco(s) 4 Otocinclus or panda corys I might swap the...
  10. Teddy's Mom

    Do live plants or driftwood affect the cycling process?

    I've just set up my first tank, 37 gallons with a few pieces of driftwood (which are leaching tannins into the water so it's kind of the color of weak tea) and maybe 10 or 15 medium & small plants. I'm wondering if the plants or wood will have any effect on cycling. My understanding is that many...
  11. K

    Swollen female betta

    Water is normal on all readings. Can anyone help? Thank you
  12. A

    Got a new tank...

    Hi all. I just got a great deal on a 150 gallon non-drilled tank ($125 for tank and stand, and it's been holding water for 3 days now with no leaks! Woo!)) and I'm considering a FOWLR tank with possibly one or two beginner corals. I've had marine fish only tanks in the past but that was 20 years...
  13. E

    Help: New 40 Gallon Freshwater Tank

    Hey, I'm new to the aquarium world and have grown extremely interested in these things recently. I have a 40-G tank and after a decent amount of research I plan to have it become a Live plant, freshwater aquarium. As a college student, I prefer plants/animals/environments that I can spend less...
  14. irishspy

    Plant advice needed

    So, I need some advice choosing plants for a 20-long tank I'm setting up. The set-up is as follows: Light: Coralife CFL 65w (3.25 wpg). 10 hours per day to start. Substrate: 40 lbs. Eco-Complete Filter: Aquaclear 50 HOB Temp: 76-78 Fertilizers: Flourish, Flourish Excel, Flourish Trace. All per...
  15. F

    What can I add to my 200l?

    Hey everyone! I am quite new to aquarium keeping and have a lot of questions :) Currently i have: 2 Common Ancistrius 2 Senegal Bichir 2 Dojo Loaches 1 Fire Eel Of course i love all these fish, so much personality, but its one thing they all have in common; they're all bottom-dwelling fish...