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  1. M

    Fiddler MAYHEM! HELP!!!!!

    Help! I bought some Fiddlers! I brought them home and initially had them in a tank for about a day, but then transferred them to a new tank with a sand side and a brackish water side. Now, I will admit that the first 2 deaths were my fault, as after adding what I was told was the right enough...
  2. P

    Pufferfish illness

    Does anyone know what kind of internal diseases affect Green Spooted pufferfish? How does one treat it?
  3. P

    Green Spotted Puffer Fish in Trouble Need HELP!!!

    Ok I have one pufferfish that is now suddenly refusing to eat. This is not the first time I have kept puffers, and they die under mysterious circumstances. It is kept in a 25 gallon brackish tank about 1.012 salinity. There are also 2 little mono sebaes with it. My Ph is about 7.6, the...
  4. CinnamonPearl

    Brackish Fish Compatibility

    So because I am now restocking my 38gal brackish tank, I decided this time to ask you guys about fish compatibility so I don't make anymore mistakes. I currently have two black mollies and three knight gobies in the tank. But I plan to restock so that my stock will be six black mollies and ten...
  5. Gabler

    Oyster Reef Tank

    I've seen plenty of marine reef tanks. The best are spectacularly beautiful, but they've always felt incredibly alien. I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, and I feel most at home with temperate species, so I can't imagine keeping a marine tank in my house. It just...
  6. CinnamonPearl

    Knight Gobies and Indian Glassfish

    Are these two fish compatible? Just making sure because I know knight gobies will eat small fish like bumblebee gobies. Thanks!
  7. CinnamonPearl

    Keeping Knight Gobies Together

    Is it possible to keep knight gobies in groups or pairs, or must they live alone? Asking because I read on one source that they are aggressive with each other, but no other sources seem to agree. Thank you!
  8. CinnamonPearl

    Pond Snails and Salt

    I currently have a 38gal freshwater tank with just amano shrimp right now. However, I'm starting to have a problem with pond snails. I've been manually taking out the big ones and egg sacs, but getting the little ones out is another story. My java fern is starting to look holey. The thing is...
  9. CinnamonPearl

    Sifting Sand in Brackish

    What's the best way to sift sand in a brackish tank? I know there are lots of potential sand sifters out there for marine aquariums, but there aren't a ton for a low-end brackish tank. I don't want any dead spots in the substrate, so is there any way to manually sift the sand? If not, what are...
  10. CinnamonPearl

    38 Gallon Brackish Build

    As of today, I am starting my 38gal build for a brackish community aquarium! I'm very excited, as this will be my first fish tank in about two years. I left the hobby for a little while to move on to frog keeping, but I'm ready to come back and try something new. Specs- Tank: 38 gallon glass...
  11. CinnamonPearl

    Thinking of Starting a 20gal Brackish

    So, it's been a couple of years since I last kept fish, and a new friend got me interested in maybe converting my 20gal long frog tank into a brackish aquarium. I've always been interested in them, and I figured now might be a good time to get one up and running. What would be a good stock for...