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Fiddler MAYHEM! HELP!!!!!

Megan McNeil

Registered Member
Help! I bought some Fiddlers! I brought them home and initially had them in a tank for about a day, but then transferred them to a new tank with a sand side and a brackish water side. Now, I will admit that the first 2 deaths were my fault, as after adding what I was told was the right enough instant ocean to the water, I did not test the salinity after. I tested it after finding the two dead ones this morning and it was 1.032!!! YIKES. Over salt water level and waaaaay over brackish level.
So, I changed out some of the water and achieved a specific gravity of 1.080 and left it there, which is even a little lower than the 1.010 the aquatic center advised.
When I left, they were active and chasing each other.....then I came home, and there is one with NO LIMBS! LITERALLY NONE! It's just a body with limbs everywhere.

I'm at a loss. I want to make this work! I have conquered large parrots, bearded dragons, fresh-water tanks, and now I wanted crabs and it's not going well!!!



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Are you sure it is body and limbs? Maybe it just molted.


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I'd go with no more than 4, and have only one male. The females will usually be ok together, but 2 males cannot share that small a space.