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  1. K

    Uaru Fry

    I have Uaru Amphiacanthoides fry for sale. I have 7 that are ready to go now. They're a little bigger than a quarter. $25 each. I will also have 66 more available starting 4/1/22. They will also be $25 each. The breeding pair are not for sale. I'm located in Vineland, NJ 08360 if you want to...
  2. X

    New 39 Gallon Tall

    Hello, I am cycling a 39 gallon tall aquarium. I want to have a single Electric Blue Acara as the focus, and add a single larger school and a mid size goby/birchir (6-8") or 3-4 mid size loaches (4-5"). I am just wondering if this will be large enough. I have attached an image but keep in mind I...
  3. R

    Flowerhorn eating fruits? (Especially grapes)

    I read that oscars can eat a variety of fruits, but I always had trouble feeding mine fruits. However my I gave my flowerhorn a grape for the first time yesterday and he seems to like them. But I couldn’t find anything online about feeding fruits to Flowerhorns so what are your experiences on...
  4. J

    What type of Cichlids do I have?

    Hey everyone! I’m just wondering if anyone knows what type and if possible what gender cichlids I have! I got them from PetSmart and they told me they were all males but I saw two of them doing what looking like mating. Thank you for your time! I’m also thinking of rejoining them to a 55 gallon...
  5. B

    Opaline Gourami and Cichlid

    I have a 3 inch opaline gourami and a neon swordtail. The gourami did not like the Tetra or gold algae eater I had before. I wanted to add a ram cichlid to my tank because it feels empty with only two fish but the ones at the store had ick. Thoughts on how to make my gourami and a peacock...
  6. rockarolla70

    Need help to ID the gender of the multifasciatus individuals.

    Hello all, I need a help in identifying these 10 multies gender, these are the ones I have with me past 4 months in my 11 gal Tankanyikan tank specially for multies & 8 of them are either 1 inch or 1.5 inch. I just want to be sure if I have the right balance of male and females. Every pic in the...
  7. rockarolla70

    Need help to ID (Neolamprologus multifasciatus or similis ??)

    Hi can anyone help me in identifying these chiclids, need to know if they are Neolamprologus multifasciatus or simili ?? As they seems to be juvenile's I am unable to make out the difference. As these came in just today from the breeder, they are getting quarantined for the next 15 days before...
  8. B

    How do I discipline my cichlid for attacking tankmates?

    I have 4 cichlids in a 90 gallon tank with plenty of space and caves/hide holes. 3 of them get along and one is a total jerk. He is picking on one that is injured (I bought him that way) and I noticed a piece of fin missing on my albino oscar. I am not sure what else to do. I keep catching g him...
  9. S

    Acceptable GH and KH levels for mixed Mbuna tank

    Hi, this is my first post on MFK. I have had freshwater tanks for many years, but this is my first time keeping African cichlids. I am currently in the process of setting my tank up and am using eco complete cichlid sand as my substrate. Out of the tap my Ph is 8.3, my Gh is 7, and my Kh is 6...
  10. The Dave

    An amazing video about the Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

    The Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) is probably the easiest cichlid to maintain and breed. In fact, due to their small size ( 3-4 inches / 7.6 - 10 cm ), hardy, adaptable nature, and ease of breeding, this fish is probably the ideal cichlid for anyone that is taking their first steps into...
  11. The Dave

    The Kribensis ( Pelvicachromis pulcher )

    The Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) is probably the easiest cichlid to maintain and breed. In fact, due to their small size ( 3-4 inches / 7.6 - 10 cm ), hardy, adaptable nature, and ease of breeding, this fish is probably the ideal cichlid for anyone that is taking their first steps into...
  12. K

    Please Help Identifying Africans!!

    I know some of them are peacocks, but I heard the white one might be to aggressive. If anyone has any info on this I would appreciate the input! I put a few images up and have multiple pictures of the same fish just so you could get a better look.
  13. D

    Electric Blue Acara x Green Terror Hybrid?

    Hi guys, so I have a Electric Blue Acara and a Green Terror. They occasionally show breeding behaviors. Especially the Green Terror. He would shake like crazy and sometimes bite on something and shake. Meanwhile, the Electric Blue Acara seems like it's mimicking the Green Terror. Is it possible...
  14. D

    Id my fish please thank you

    Granny when and got me a fish for my new 150gallon tank but forgot what it was called So any idea on what it called would help a lot
  15. tommy d


    Need some info about Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt. I purchased a container of Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt and I’m not quite satisfied with the product. I have an aquarium stocked with Malawi cichlids and in the past have been using Epsom Salts to help replicate the environment. I’ve had no issues...
  16. P

    Check my fish list please!

    Hi! I'm setting up a 150 gallon tank and here's the species I'm thinking I want in it: Cory Severum Geophagus tapajos Angel fish Some kind of tetra or possibly cherry barbs Rams Apistogrammas Bn pleco Rainbow shark Fire eel Dwarf or blue gouramis (which would be better?) Kribensis (I know...
  17. T

    Multis and tank mates

    Hey folks, long time forum-lurker but first time poster here :) I have got a 120 litre, fully cycled tank. I've set it up with about 5cm of coarse sand and a shed load of shells! A friend of mine has been breeding Multi's (N. Multifasciatus) for a while now and he's getting overrun. I've taken...