community tank

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  1. M

    Tank mates

    I have guppies, panda cories, otocinclus, plecos, chili rasboras, and neos. I was wondering if I could add odessa barbs to a somewhat planted community 55 gallon tank? Thanks
  2. S

    Newbie - Help me stock my 20 gallon tank! :)

    20 Gallon Tank - Size is approximately 25.75 x 14.25 x 18.62 Inches pH seems to be 7.8, alkaline.. GH seems to be 150, hard. [Colors are close.. pH could be 7.2] Looking for peaceful community fish. We are very new at this and still getting educated. If you could please provide a list of...
  3. S

    How many of each should I get for my 20 gallon?

    Here is what I'm thinking of getting for my 20 gallon: Neon Tetra Guppies Platies Rainbow fish Danios How many of each can I get in my tank? Thanks!!
  4. K

    New 10 Gallon Ideas. What do you think?

    Okay guys, I've asked for a lot of advice from y'all for a while now, and I think I've finally put together some good sets that could work for my tank. I kept an eye on pH and temperature, and double checked with aqadvisor just to see what it says my stocking level is like with these set ups...
  5. K

    A Few Stock Ideas I Have For a 10 Gallon... Thoughts?

    Hello everyone! I've been thinking long and hard about what to put into my 10 gallon tank I have. I've come up with a few different combinations that could work well, and would like to hear what you all think! Perhaps this could help out others who also own a ten gallon and need help figuring...
  6. K

    Changing Stock- 10g Community Ideas?

    Hi Friends (: First, some details about my tank! Inside my 10g: Sand substrate Lots of fake plants 1 real plant (not entirely sure what it is) Fake rocks with hide holes Fake hollow log for hiding Moss ball 6 barbs (rosy, green and tiger). DONT WORRY. THEY ARE GOING BACK TO THE STORE. I got...
  7. G

    My Angelfish Setup

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to post a few pics of my tank and fry nursery. What do you guys think?
  8. R

    Please help

    I have recently set up a 13 gallon tank and added 4 fish. This was my Christmas gift for my 4 year old nephew so i felt it was best to add an additional blue LED. I have several different combinations of fish in mind that im trying to decide between to complete my community tank but im also open...
  9. P

    Black Ghost Knife Fish Questions

    I have this Black Ghost Knife Fish in my 40 gallon community tank. I got it 2 1/2 years ago when it was only about 3 inches. Now it is 7 inches long and still growing. As these things get massive, will they eat the other community fish? I have Emperor Tetras and another small tetra species with...
  10. 3

    How to add Betta to community planted tank

    Hello~ I've been wanting to add a Betta to my 20gal freshwater tank for some time now and I'm not sure sure whether to go ahead witH my plan due to how aggressive these fish are. I've heard that because they have fancy, long tails, having them in a community tank is tricky depending on the tank...