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  1. M

    My CPO (dwarf crayfish) Larry, actually a Larry?

    Please tell me if it’s male or female. I’m sorry the photos are terrible. I sat for 10 minutes trying to get these!
  2. L

    Is my cpo male or female?

    Hi! I can’t tell if my cpo is male or female. Can someone please help? This is the best photo I could get
  3. L

    Anyone know of what I could keep with a Blue crayfish?

    Hello. I've had a 20gal tank for a couple of years now. I only have two lemon tetras at the moment, and a 6 inch Blue cray. I've been told that Blue crayfish can't generally be kept with fish, although I've never seen mine try to eat my tetras ( he will eat all my java fern, though ). I'd really...
  4. G

    Creatures to aerate 7 gallon?

    I have a recently started 7 gallon filtered/heated fresh tank which is moderately planted with leafy plants and has a fair amount of rocks and sand/gravel substrate. 1 female betta and a school of 6 white clouds. I am new to some of the long-term maintenance aspects and have some concerns...
  5. fishdaze

    FS Electric Blue Crayfish Babies (P. Alleni)|$10|Charlotte, NC

    I have a large number of blue P. Alleni babies that are a few centimeters to 3/4 inch long ranging from dark blue to almost clear with lots of crystal/ice blue shades in between. I also have a second female who berried within the last week meaning lots more on the way. They go for $20-30 in this...
  6. BlazeitChris

    Snail/Shrimp Colony

    I am currently running a 16 gallon tank with a Fluval C3. I've always wanted an invert tank but have never actually gotten around to setting one up. I was thinking about breeding snails (pond snails, mystery, ramshorn, etc.) as well as cherry shrimp to raise as live food for my fish in the 55...
  7. R

    Are my crayfish eggs fertile?

    So this is the second time my crayfish has berried. The first time we scarred her and she dropped all of them. She has had these eggs for about 3 weeks. Do they look fertile? If not when will she drop them?
  8. G

    Hello I'm new here

    Nice to meet u guys, I'm a shrimp, bee shrimp, crayfish collector, My main collecting is crayfish all over the world, any people who got the same hobby please let me know, want to know more friend here^_^
  9. G

    Any crayfishes collector here

    Looking for crayfishes collector, Please Mail me