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  1. rockarolla70

    Help/Suggestions needed - Setting up a new Betta splendens tank

    Hi All, Need help from the experts here. I am trying to bring up 8 gallon tank for my existing single Betta splenden, the specs are as given below. I would like some suggestions on heaters, thermometer & lighting which are good enough for this below setup. Tank Size: 18 inch (Length) x 9 inch...
  2. I

    Using Alternate Filters. Is this advisable?

    NEED ADVISE ========== I have got 55 gallon Peacock cichlid tank. And am having 2 filters in the tank 1. Power head (left side) image attached 2. Air Pump Sponge filter (2 sponge + 2 air stones) I use the filters alternatively. My main filter is Air Pump sponge filter which runs for about...
  3. S

    Recommended brands for tank equipment? Plus stocking advice

    Relatively soon i'm going to be getting my first tank, a 30 gallon planted freshwater tank. I've read around and there seems to be many options for the kinds of filters and heaters out there but i'm always wary about whether i can trust that brand before spending a lot of money on things like...
  4. Teddy's Mom

    Multiple newbie questions

    Hi, I have a bunch more questions for you experienced fish keepers. :-) 1) How to clean the substrate of a planted tank without disrupting the plants? What about when plants get really dense? 2) Is there a rule of thumb for how many gallons per hour you need your filter to turn over? 3) Tips...
  5. I

    Newbie filter question.

    Hi all, new to the forum, just wanted to pop in and ask a quick newbie question. I haven't had any tanks in 10 or so years, but wanted to set up a little 10gal for my SO for Christmas. Not going to have anything major in there, just some female bettas. Anyway, which filter should I use -...
  6. carlyod

    Total newbie with some Qs! (new freshwater tank)

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of cycling my first freshwater tank (yep, google took me down the rabbit hole and I learned alllll about fishless cycling) and I have some questions I hope some more experiences aquarists will be able to help me with. For starters, I have a 20g high with...