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  1. HugoFish

    Any one familiar with Glo Danios?

    Recently I got some Glo Danios. Does anyone have some info about this type of fish cause google is almost empty of info for this type 😅 Are they easy to breed? How to know when a female is ready to lay eggs? Guppies vs Glo Dainos, which one is better? etc....
  2. R

    Changing water in my tank

    Hi guys, I'm new to here and i don't have much experience in fish management. I installed my 6 gallon tank 2 day's ago. In my tank i have 4 guppy's and 2 platy's. unlike other tanks my tank is buried in soil, cemented on it's sides and bottom. Now i wan't your precious suggestion's and...
  3. S

    Delta Guppy not moving

    -10G tank, 78 degrees F -1 male Betta, 3 male tequila sunrise delta guppies, 3 male silver tip tetras -50% water change done on the 13th due to clouding water, added tbsp salt -KH 80 ppm -GH 120 ppm -pH 7.0 -Nitrate 20 ppm -Nitrite 0 ppm -Ammonia 0 One of the sunrise delta guppy’s seems very...
  4. P

    Guppy Population Control in 90L Tank

    I currently have a 90L tank with an ever-growing population of guppies. Unfortunately I don't know many other fish keepers and currently only have the one tank, so the only solution I feel like I'm left with is introducing a predator fish to help control the population. I'm stuck for ideas of...
  5. A

    My fishes keep dying! Help!!|Freshwater

    Hello guys, So here's the deal: I have a 35 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. Each time I buy a new fish for my 35 gallon tank, at least one of them die. Most of the time my water levels were fine so I thought maybe there was a problem with the fish itself.... I won't talk much about the 5...
  6. L

    Guppy Bully

    I have four male guppies that have been together for almost a year with no problems until about a week ago. The smallest has started bullying the largest one! Now the one that is being bullied spends most of his time hiding behind the plants, and when he does come out, he usually get chased back...
  7. The Dave

    A Guppy Having Babies

    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the miracle of birth. You will see a gravid female guppy ( technically it's a female Orchid Endler ) giving birth to her 37 babies. There is lots of information, supported by video clips, that I am sure will amaze even the most jaded...
  8. The Dave

    A Guppy Having Babies ( orchid endler )

  9. The Dave

    The Amazing Black Bar Endler - - the most beautiful fish you've never seen.

    Black Bar Endlers ( Endler's Livebearer) are an incredibly beautiful fish species that are rarely seen in pet stores. So, most people have never even seen one in person. If you have never seen an Endler Livebearer, I suggest that you watch the following video. These fish are incredible. They are...
  10. The Dave

    A great video for anyone interested in breeding guppies and endler livebearers

    Hello everyone, I breed N-Class Endlers ( Black Bars) and Guppy / Endler hybrids. Does anyone here keep these fish? I have N-class Endlers in one room and guppy hybrids in another. When I have to cull N-class fish, I put them in my hybrid tanks, and the results are amazing. They are very...
  11. N

    Dead female Guppy

    Hi, I am a new owner to a fish tank. I have had it for two weeks and I have had my guppies for a week. Last night I had all 7 guppies and 1 Pleco alive and happy. I fed them this morning and went off to work. When I got home I went to count them and notice I was missing one. I look in my fake...
  12. J

    What kind of fish is this?

    I was told that this is a guppy, but I'm not sure. ID help? Also, could you tell me if its male or female?
  13. F

    is it a female guppy or male guppy ?

    I m confused it is a femae guppy or male guppy :(
  14. S

    My Female guppies are having seizures and dying

    Hello, I bought a second hand 4ft fish tank on the 5th January, I let it cycle for a week and bought one male two female guppies, 4 days after that I bught 4 female guppies, from the same place. I bought all from a local well known chain pet store. For the past 5 days my female guppies have...
  15. B

    Guppies in a 10gal

    Hi, If you couldn't already tell, I am new. I am ordering my first aquarium, which is a 10 gallon aqueon. I am planning to put some guppies in there, because my uncle (He is a marine biologist) said that would be a good starting point. I was wondering how many guppies would be good for a 10...