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  1. L

    Help! Ich / other parasite in tank w/ guppies, nerite snails, and otocinclus

    Hi, I'm new here and new to keeping a fish tank. I bought my 10 year old daughter a fish tank over a year ago for her birthday and we've had a number of problems, including difficulty keeping guppies alive. Currently, we had one last adult guppy and two nerite snails (who seem to be doing...
  2. Spesh1969

    I think I have ich.....

    Only one fish is showing symptoms (1 or 2 specks in his fin). In the tank are (3) Panda Cories, (2) Peacock Gudgeons (which I think just had babies - none survived), (2) Nerite snails and (6) Malaysian Trumpet Snails. What is the best course of action? Is my beneficial bacteria doomed...
  3. Stefanie O'Dell

    While treating planted tank for fish with ich, how often should I be doing partial water changes?

    I’m treating my 36g for ich. All the fish show varying degrees of it. I added an air stone to the mix due to raising temp to a steady 86’f Questions: do I continue to dose with ferts? Do I still run CO2 during treatment? How often should I be doing small water changes? I’m using the herbal...
  4. Smokefire1

    5 weeks of treatment and I can't get rid of the ich

    I've been treating an ich outbreak for almost 5 weeks and I've lost the majority of the population in my 65 gallon planted freshwater aquarium used the heat method until my heater quit after 10 days tried the tetra dissolving meds and it cleared up while I was medicating as soon as I stopped it...
  5. FishyWarrior

    Fish are sick, help!

    So my fish have ich now. It's only a little bit and only on 3 fish right now so i bumped up the temp and i'm starting to dose ich attack for my entire tank. It appears very minor at the moment, so i think i caught it really early on, but now i'm noticing things on my minnows. I don't know if...
  6. S

    Help!!! Emergency Ammonia Problem!!!

    First off, I'd like to say I am already educated in general fish keeping and know about cycling the tank and everything now. My current problem comes from when I was not as educated. I was planning on getting a small above ground pond and decided to look up a good way to introduce the beneficial...
  7. Teddy's Mom

    Dumb, long nitrate question

    Hi all, Sorry for the long question/update. :-) I can't remember how long I've had my tank now, I think since December. I've had a bunch of issues including ich, random deaths of one fish at a time while everyone else seems fine, and most recently some weird illness that kind of looked like...
  8. T

    Treating Tiger Barbs with ich

    Hi guys. I am new to this forum but not as new to fishkeeping. I know about the nitrogen cycle, all my tanks are fully cycled and I have treated ich in the past, but with Mollys and dwarf corydoras (no fatalities). It was easy, heat and salt destroyed ich. However I am new to Tiger Barbs and I...
  9. carlyod

    Ich on new neon tetras? 1 dead guppy

    Hey everyone, My 20g tall just finished cycling and I added 6 neon tetras and 1 guppy on Tuesday. I was planning to purchase 3 guppies (1 male, 2 females) but the guppy tank at my LFS contained a dead fish and a dying one :( However, a separate tank far away from the dismal guppy tank had one...