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  1. T

    Longtime lurker - first time poster! All my tanks currently ?

    Just wanted to share my tanks! ☺ 60 gallon planted community tank:: •platys •endlers •mollies, •guppies •heterandria formosa •neon tetras •& assassin snails 29 gallon planted tank:: •endlers •neon tetras •1x clown pleco •guppies •2x balloon platys •& ramshorn and bladder/pond snails 5 gallon...
  2. J

    Is my Swordtail sterile?

    Hi, I have had 2 pineapple swordtails for about a year now and my female has never had any fry! I have seen them mate multiple times but nothing ever comes of it. My female is really big and sometimes aggressive, especially during feeding but the pair get along fine. My females belly gets really...
  3. D

    Where do I put my Endlers?

    I have a 10 gallon cherry shrimp tank that I've started recently. Unfortunately, I had a pretty bad ostracod outbreak. It was manageable at first, but their population exploded recently with the introduction of the shrimp. I'm going to add some N-class Black Bar Endlers into the tank, which I...
  4. F

    Algae removal

    Hello, I have a freshly cycled tank, it’s a 50 gal and planned for livebearers. It’s planted but is having a pretty rough algae problem with both diatomic algae and green thread algae. Since the tank is freshly cycled and I want plenty of room for the livebearers I’m looking for either a single...
  5. The Dave

    A great video for anyone interested in breeding guppies and endler livebearers

    Hello everyone, I breed N-Class Endlers ( Black Bars) and Guppy / Endler hybrids. Does anyone here keep these fish? I have N-class Endlers in one room and guppy hybrids in another. When I have to cull N-class fish, I put them in my hybrid tanks, and the results are amazing. They are very...
  6. T

    deformed guppy/endler hybrids

    Hi folks! This is my first time posting in this forum but I have read several threads and learned lots from them so I thought I would come here first with questions from our latest venture. My boyfriend and I recently picked up a 30 gallon tank with fish, lights, heater, stand and...
  7. W

    FS Albino Blood Red Sailfin Swordtails|4@$60.00|Kula,Hi|pick up and shipping

    These fish are XL and very healthy. They occasionally throw some cauliflower dorsal fins. Thanks for looking. Also available Celestial Pearl Danio 6@$30, Longfin Panda Corydoras 6@$36.00 and show quality Wakin Goldfish
  8. verbal

    Potomac Valley Aquarium Society Fall Auction - Oct 4 - Fairfax, VA

    The PVAS Fall Auction is for all aquarium enthusiasts, it features hundreds of live fish and aquarium-related items and runs all day. In addition to the huge live auction we will have a fixed price tag sale and raffles. Seller pre-registration available on Bidder...