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  1. S

    Help: First time using pre-cycled filter media?

    Hello! After losing my betta Nero recently due to my own cycling errors while transferring him into a new tank, I decided to buy an "active" sponge filter from Angel's Plus (I have never used a sponge filter before either). I currently have it running in my 5 gallon tank, with water that I...
  2. B

    Please help me with my Red Claw Crab

    Hi, first time poster, its a long story (happy to explain if anyones wants me to) but I've ended up with 6 coldwater fish and a red claw crab (originally 3 now 1 :(). I wasn't expecting to be a fish owner right now and I'm trying my best to learn how to make sure they have happy lives! The fish...
  3. S

    Trouble with stocking a 60 Gallon

    Hello ? I’m relatively new to fish keeping, but my fish are like my kids and I spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort caring for them. I’d like to think I know a pretty good amount about what I’m doing at this point. Now that that’s established, I recently upgraded my 30 gallon angelfish...
  4. Arkmite

    I need help not killing a pleco!

    So my friend wants me to get his almost foot long pleco so it can live with my 2 black moors. I also have a few mystery snails in the tank. I have a few problems to start with already. This fish has lived in almost complete isolation for most of its life because it was bullied so bad by other...
  5. Neutral_Water

    Neon Tetra Help, Please, Thanks.

    Hey, I'm new to this forum and recently got eight neon tetras and had the recruit mistake of releasing them immediately into my tank after letting them rest on top of the water for about five minutes. I'm quite sure my ammonia, nitrates and nitrites are low. (If this can aid in helping me I have...
  6. K

    New freshwater tank dilemma. Please help!

    I am new to the hobby, and have set up my first tank - a nano tank (6 gallons) for a betta fish. When I bought my betta I also decided to get a plant which was in one of the tanks in the fish shop. I made sure to rinse it off (I'd had issues with snail infestations when I was cycling the tank)...
  7. N

    29 gal interesting fish

    I have a 29 gal and I am a somewhat beginner fishkeeper. I will be planting the tank. I want something more than the average tetras/barbs, even though that would be nice. I want some interesting fish, maybe on the larger side (dont wanna overstock tho) I want something unique! Also, im not made...
  8. S

    Getting new fish

    I have a 125 litre tank and have 10 silver tip tetra, 5 Cardinal tetra, 1 neon tetra and a male Siamese fighter fish.... I want to get more fish I am gonna get a bristle nose Pleco but not sure what else is suitable and appropriate as I did have Serpea tetra and they fin nipped my cardinals and...