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  1. K

    HELP! White material on the shell of my zebra nerite snail in quarantine - need to identify!!!!

    I bought this snail from a LPS a week and a half ago. I put him in a one gallon bowl to quarantine him before adding him to my 5-gallon marineland portraitview betta tank. I do not know the gender of the snail but will refer to him/her as *male* in this post. A few facts about the snail and the...
  2. Q

    Planaria in Scud/Daphnia culture

    Hello all! I'm a new member, though I've been coming to AC for many years now for questions I had. Unfortunately this time, there are no current threads (to my knowledge) that answer my question. Here's a little backstory: A couple of years ago I attained a bunch of microorganisms & scuds...
  3. D

    Help!!! Fish are dying one by one, each week

    I have had my tank established for at least four months now. I'm on my second filter cartridge but the bio wheel stayed put and I believe my tank to still be fully cycled. Ammonia levels are 0, Nitrites are 0, nitrates are 5 ppm, if that. It took about two months to get my tank fully cycled and...