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    Emergency, Please Help!

    1. Size of tank? 100L 2. a. Ammonia? 0 b. Nitrite? 0 c. Nitrate? 0 d. pH, KH and GH? PH 6.6 - 7 (it's hard to tell), KH 1, I think the GH test turned green between the 6 - 10th drop but it was so hard to tell. API Master freshwater test kit, Drops 3. Temperature? 22°C 4. FW (fresh water)...
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    Injured Pearlscale Goldfish

    Hi, I've had 'Ping pong' for over a month and he has been a bit bullied by the other fish, but last night he was pretty badly attacked (do not know who the attacker was). His fins are shredded, he has a several cuts, a damaged gill and half his scales are either missing or badly damaged. (I'm...