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  1. M

    My CPO (dwarf crayfish) Larry, actually a Larry?

    Please tell me if it’s male or female. I’m sorry the photos are terrible. I sat for 10 minutes trying to get these!
  2. A

    Sexing Baby Betta Fish

    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I'm looking for opinions on the gender of this baby betta I bought. It's about an inch long right now. I see no egg spot and it's been displaying typical "male" behaviors (flaring, building bubble nests, etc.) but I know that females can do that too. I'd love to hear...
  3. R

    So invite sure this topic has been asked often, but help sexing mystery snail!

    Oh lord. My phone autocorrected "I'm" to "invite". I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I just recently got sucked into the world of mystery snails! They are just so cute and so many colors! So anyhow I would like to try and breed them. I looked at all the diagrams and blogs on...
  4. The Dave

    A Golden Wonder Killifish Leaping Out Of The Water To Catch Live Crickets !

    A Fish With Three Eyes ! Killifish are some of the most colorful and interesting freshwater fish that we have in the hobby. In fact, some species could very well be the most colorful freshwater fish on the planet ! However, they are rarely seen in stores, so very few of us are familiar with...
  5. Its_my_puppys_tank

    Help Sexing giant albino suckered!

    I bought this tank off a friend just over a month ago because her brother did not want it anymore (yay for me)! Anyways part of the tank was a couple fish and one of them is this giant albino sucker... I think it is 5 years old or something. Anyways today I would like your help figuring out...
  6. Its_my_puppys_tank

    Pregnant or possibly pregnant black molly, what is normal?

    I got two black mollies probably just about a month ago. I think they are bother female (help sexing would also be appreciated). I have been feeding them and watching all the fish in my tank and I thought that the one was being a piggy and getting fat. Last night I came home and spotted a little...
  7. J

    What kind of fish is this?

    I was told that this is a guppy, but I'm not sure. ID help? Also, could you tell me if its male or female?