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  1. S

    Is 20 Gal adequate for my ideal fish list?

    Hi!, I have a fully cycled 20 gallon, in which I currently have 4 Glofish Tetras (one didn't survive the tank switch from 10-20 gallons) and I currently have a Dwarf Gourami and a Bristlenose Pleco in a 10 Gal quarantine tank. Ideally, I would like to have 6-7 Glo Tetras, the Dwarf Gourami...
  2. C

    Tank Mates for Angelfish in a 55 Gallon

    Hello all! First time posting here so I hope everything is formatted correctly. I currently have 2 large Veiled Angelfish (no idea if they are a spawning pair, I got them a year or so ago when I was just getting into bigger tanks but they have never showed any aggression towards one another...
  3. N

    Stocking my 90l tank

    I recently bought a Fluval Accent 95l tank. The dimensions are 76x32x49cm. This is my first tank. Its a heavily planted tank with lots of hiding spots. I have 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Peppered Cory, 2 mystery snails, 5 cardinal tetras, 5 glowlight tetras and 4 harlequins in my tank. I want to...
  4. H

    10gal Stocking Questions

    Hello! I am new to fish keeping and would like some opinions/advice on my possible plan for a 10 gallon tank. After a lot of reading online I was thinking about building up the following community: - 2 guppies - 3 platies - 3 ghost shrimp - 1 netrite snail My questions are: -Is this an...
  5. K

    Advice on stocking a 6ft oscar tank

    Hi All, I finally have the space for a big tank and am going to have one custom made in the coming weeks...very exciting stuff! Still planning out the design for the equipment, sump and cabinetry, but thought I'd get some advice now on stocking it to make sure I'm heading in the right...
  6. D

    Stocking ideas 8 gal tank

    Hi A friends daughter was given a 8 gal tank for Christmas. As I have a 180gal tank they asked if I could help her set it up. I have put the sponge filter that came with the tank into my tank to cycle. She wanted gold fish but I talked her out of it because the tank was not big enough. As I...
  7. FishyWarrior

    Aggressive pearl gourami...(stocking question)

    So i think i found out nearly for sure why i keep losing fish seemingly randomly. My pearl gourami was just going on a rampage, chasing everyone in the tank nonstop, bashing into all of them... they were all so scared and banged up from him that they all hid in the plants and refused to come...
  8. K

    Adopted fish suggestions

    Hi all! I'm a semi-newbie. For about the past year I've had a 5 gallon tank with a betta and a bristlenose pleco (temporary to eat the algae bloom, planned to get a larger tank for the pleco). That tank has a filter and heater and is fine. I was looking for a larger tank on Craigslist and...
  9. P

    Check my fish list please!

    Hi! I'm setting up a 150 gallon tank and here's the species I'm thinking I want in it: Cory Severum Geophagus tapajos Angel fish Some kind of tetra or possibly cherry barbs Rams Apistogrammas Bn pleco Rainbow shark Fire eel Dwarf or blue gouramis (which would be better?) Kribensis (I know...