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2 quick questions!

Ian h

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I thought about that earlier lol, I added 1 of my Red eye tetras and waited til morning. Nothing changed in levels, so I added another. That changed ammonia from 0 to .5 so I am waiting another day or so til I add a 3rd. I'm moving some of the fry to my main tank instead. The 3 red eyes I have in there don't go after the fry I have in the main. Gradually moving the reds to their own tank and adding more of them.


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Ian, I'm surprised 1 tetra made the ammonia so much higher (0.5ppm is higher than I like with fish in the tank). Prime will "lock up" the ammonia for 24-48 hours if you can't do big daily water changes.

You should also feed very lightly, if at all. Fish are fine for a week without food (or even 2, but my husband thinks that's starving them). It's hard to judge how little food a small fish or 2 will eat. A bite or 3 of flakes or small pellets & they're done. Although they may still strike food they're likely not really eating it. It used to be said (in the olden days, lol) a fish can eat as much food as the size of it's eye.

You are doing as amazing job testing twice a day! Even in my most intense monitoring , I've never tested more that once/day. You take our hobby very seriously! Good show & good luck!

Ian h

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Yeah it was the it was after 2 fish, I've added all 6 now and water is perfect, just keeping my eye on it .

I only put it a few flakes atm and they pick at it. I just don't like hurting or letting the fish die, so I do what's needed :) .
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