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20 gallon SW tank startup

Franco Salinas

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Hello everyone,

Okay first of I'm new to this whole thread forum, this is my very first thread that I've ever posted. Okay that being said I've been interested in building a SW tank for my apartment for some time now, but always been hesitant on starting one since I keep hearing and reading that aquariums especially saltwater tanks are for people with OCD (as in that everything has to be precise. Also I tried starting a SW tank last year and found out the hard way of what not to do. So this time around I'm reading first lol and I'm making sure I have everything I need in order to start. I already got a couple of things for the tank I'm still waiting for a couple of extra things to come in that I ordered. I'll be posting images for everything I do on this thread. Any feedback or any info that you guys have are greatly appreciated since I still consider myself a newbie in this hobby.
Alright so to start of I'm using a 20 gallon for my aquarium and I'm using a 10 gallon I converted into a sump. I have a powerhead for circulation and a hangover the top overflow box (I'll post the specs of items used on a comment later). idk what type of sand to use wether it should be super fine or coarse a lot of people have told me things about each to consider but would still like to hear what other people have to say. Also I forgot to mention this first I do plan to put coral frags in and make this more of a small reef tank, so I know that my fish options are limited to also.


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You would want the fines sand possible, but not much of it. You will only need to cover the bottom with about 1/2", or 10-15mm depth.

Franco Salinas

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Agreed on the sand.
Do you know what corals you want? What light are you using?
I'm going to use the NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light (White and Blue LED). Idk what coral to get in all honesty, which ones would be the best for the size of the tank and and for the type of lights.


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I'm not a tech geek, but based on reviews, that's going to be low light at best. Not great for any photosynthesizing corals.