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30 gallon stocking options


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For #5 I love rope fish, they can fit, in a 30 gal and are personable and adore able in my opinion and are pretty friendly to other fish unless they can fit them in its mouth. You could probably keep it with some bigger tetras or any other peaceful fish bigger than like 1&1/2 in


I do love rope fish too-- or any elongated fish like that, really! Are you sure they're small enough for a 30 gallon though? That seems like it may be pushing it, but I'm not sure. I wish there was a smaller eel-like thing I could throw into a setup! I guess a kuhli loach is about the closest I can get though, haha.

the loach

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Don't get ropefish for the 30 gallon. For eel like fish you could get 3 weather loaches in a 30 gal or 4 stone loaches, if legal in your state.
Then there are spiny loaches, but they can be terribly hard to get as well.
They are not tropical or subtropical though so it would have to be an unheated tank.
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