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75G SA cichlid stocking advice


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6735124C-4651-4FF7-88D1-1AD8D835DCDF.jpeg Hello everyone. New member here with a new tank. I’ve kept Africans and saltwater in the past so not a noob but it has been awhile.

I have setup a 75g low tech tank that is about two weeks into a fishless cycle. I’ve been doing a lot of research into SA community tanks and am working on my stocking list. The tank is all scaped and planted but no fish yet.

I’m using well water that is fairly soft with a ph of 6.4. With the Seiryu rock added the tank ph is up to about to about 7.2 but I’m hoping it settles somewhere under seven so water should be good for these fish. Plan to keep the temp at 80. Lots of filtration with an eheim 2226, ac 110, and a large cpr refugium (leftover from my saltwater days) with some lava rock, java moss and Marimo balls in it.

So here’s my list so far:
1pair German blue rams
1 pair cockatoo cichlid
1 male dwarf gourami
12 cardinal tetras
18 rummynose tetras
9 Sterbai corys
1 red whiptail catfish
Snails (what kind and how many?)
Amano Shrimp (would they get eaten and if not how many?)
Maybe some Khuli loaches to keep the sand aerated?

If you’re still with me thanks for hangin in :)
Looking for suggestions, additions, subtractions, whatever you’ve got.

Here’s a photo so you can see what we’re working with.


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That is a nice looking tank. First, If you can find a compatible pair, then the Ram and Apisto will be OK, if not, I would get 2 females for each male. Snail are nice, maybe Nerites?

Gouramis and Loaches are not from SA.
I have no experience with shrimps, but do not think they will last longl with fishes. Everything else looks OK. PS--Khulis will aerated the sand, but are nice to keep.


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Very nice setup and welcome to the site.

I'd probably skip the gourami with the other stocking you list. I do like them, though I've never had luck with the dwarf variety. I had a female pearl gourami for a number of years and also kept a kisser that was a hoot.


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Thanks for the advice. I’m not committed to keeping it totally SA. I’m open to suggestions too. If I omit the gourami what other upper level swimmers would you recommend. Something that looks good and doesn’t necessarily need company.


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If your tank is covered, how about a small school of hatchet fishes?


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I thought about hatchets but I’ve already got two schooling fish and wanted something larger that stays at or near the upper level. I still may go with the gourami, they do like similar water parameters. (Soft, slightly acidic and warm temps - 80 deg )


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Mixing gouramis is always a crap shoot. Female dwarves are very unusual lately IME.

Do you already have the dwarf gourami? Pearls are a possibility if you don't...


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I wasn’t going to mix the gourami, just one. Here’s what I have stocked so far:
8 rummynose tetras
8 peppered Cory’s
5 otos
8 nerite snails
I am going to add a gourami but just can’t decide between a male dwarf or a pearl. I’m going back to the lfs in a couple days to get some Amano Shrimp, more rummys and a gourami. Maybe some cardinal tetras if they have any


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Festivum (the flag cichlid) will stay near the surface and is peaceful. If you want a Gouramis, I would get the Pearl.


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I agree with tanker, a pearl gourami OR a festivum is probably your best bet.

I like your tank! Let your plants & fish grow for a while...then see what you might be missing.