Adding the final fish to a damselfish/clownfish tank

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Nov 10, 2019
Currently I have a 60 gallon saltwater tank that houses two black ocellaris clownfish (about 4-5 inches), two ocellaris clownfish (2-3 inches), a tri-stripe damselfish (3-4 inches), a brittlestar (don't know how big, he is always in the rocks. His longest arms are probably about 5-7 inches), a long spined urchin (Body radius is about 1/3 inch), a pencil urchin (body radius is about 1/2 inch), a pink spot watchman goby (about 4-5 inches), a turbo snail (shell about 1-2 inches in length), and several snails of the bumble bee, nassarius, and cerith variety. In my quarantine tank I have 3 yellow tailed damselfish who are about 2 inches now (They were about half an inch when I got them,. I was worried about the clowns and the damsel bullying them, so after they survived a month with no visible signs of sicknesses I've been using my quarantine tank, which is around 50 gallons, as a place for them to grow larger) that I plan on adding to the 60 gallon in December. Do I have enough room to add a coral beauty, a neon dottyback, and a long nose hawkfish? I am worried that everything but the goby, the long spined urchin, and the black ocellaris will be a buffet for the hawkfish. Many sites say that long nose hawkfish will eat smaller fish and shrimp, crabs, snails, and starfish. There is no mention about urchins, and the sites seem to differ on whether or not the hawkfish will be attracted to the snails. I am worried the dottyback will not be big enough to handle my tri stripe damselfish at full size (at the moment he enjoys just being annoying to other fish, but he has bullied a scissortail chromis I tried to add) or my black ocellaris clownfish. Are these worries valid, or should I be fine, especially adding the long nose hawkfish last?