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Algae eater: In or Out?

I got 2 Siamese algae eaters about a month ago and put one in a 280 gallon outdoor pond and the other in a ten gallon with my 3 pea puffers. I soon discovered how fast they grow and he is now fast, big (3in), and hungry> I want to take him out of the ten gal, but don't know where to put him. I have 2 options: the pond or an agricultural tub in the basement. Once fall comes everything from the pond goes into the agricultural tub, and comes out in spring again. I am worried that the cool overnight temperatures may be harmful to him (I live in the mid west). Where should I put him?


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I'm not sure what type of temperature swing they could tolerate. Mine are kept in the low 70 to low 80F range. I have 2 SAEs in a 55g and IMO they'd be better suited for a 6ft tank, or a larger footprint 4ft tank.