AmmonChlor Biological Filter Starter

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Aug 12, 2009

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I have also just found this product for sale on Ebay, too.

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$24.95 with FREE shipping or $59.95 POND sized, with FREE shipping

I have cycled 3 newly setup tanks with this product. AmmonChlor is not like other biological starters, i.e., Stability, Bio-Spira, etc. It is NOT a bacterial additive. It is used to do a fishless cycling of new tanks.

AmmonChlor is a clean, pure, aid to getting a biological filter established, WITHOUT torture to and expense of starter fish and WITHOUT any chance of contamination from used media from another tank, or disease caused by fish purchased to start the cycle. AmmonChlor can also be used to keep a quarantine or hospital tank cycled while not in use. It's much better than using household ammonia for cycling your tank since it contains no additives that can cause harm to any fish you will add later on.

I haven't come up with any cons for this product.

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About 5 months

Build quality and value for your money
This product is very concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. I still have most of my 3.5 oz. container left after cycling 3 tanks. Each stock solution treats 97.5 gallons of water and each 3.5 oz. container treats a whopping 4,934 gals. of water. Each 17.5 oz. bag treats 24,671 gals. of water!

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This is a great product for starting a biological filter in a new tank. It is much less costly in the long run than using bacteria additives because you can treat so many gallons of water even with the small-sized container. Also, you are guaranteed to actually have a working biofilter in a few weeks when instructions are followed. In addition, you will have NO chance of impurities or parasites/diseases in your tank so your new tank will be safe for the addition of your new fish, especially in the case of sensitive fish like Discus, which is what I mostly keep.


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Mar 17, 2010
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AmmonChlor appears to be nothing more than 3.5 oz. of pure ammonia for $24. You can buy the same thing at Dollar Tree in 64 oz. jugs for $1.00.

I can think of a big "con" for this product.