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Ammonia overload


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I've had my 10gal aquarium for over a month and I've been adding live plants and taking out store bought decorations well the last 4 days my ammonia level skyrocketed I've done two 85 to 90% water change and it's still registering at 1 and steadily raises what could be the problem I have like 8 stalks of Colombo Carolina, some mini grass and 2 other plants a betta, 5 neon tetras and cherry shrimp 4 I had 2 clumps of mini hemianthus callitrichoides but found that they were rotting from lack of co2 I used some Bacter AE for my shrimp.... but other than the two hemianthus I have another tank the same size and it's doing just fine any help would be awesome




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Was the tank cycled before you added fish? How long have the plants been in there?

Water changes to dilute the ammonia will be your best bet. Daily, 50% at a time until the ammonia is less than 1 ppm.

the loach

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They sold you plants that you won't be able to grow. Look for Anacharis, Anubias, Java fern and Ludwigia palustris for example. Put them in if you can find them and they will help reducing the ammonia. Your current plants are just going to wither and die.


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Thanks, I had already taken out them mini plants and another plant I cant remember the name and they were rotting under the gravel I kept the Colombo Carolina and two other they are growing just fine so hopefully I can get back to finishing up the cycle I'll look up those plants you mentioned. Thanks again


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And no I didn't do a fishless cycle I didn't know about it until I had fish I have another tank that's doing great its already cycling but it has way less plants