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And MFK Wins!


...and over the edge.
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From Li on Facebook...

As many of you guys know I have been battling my MonsterFishKeepers trademark with Monster Energy since 2014. As of today I can say I have beaten the monster!

M...onster Energy now has a ruling against its ludicrous and overreaching argument that it owns the word “Monster." Hope this ruling will help the hundreds of other small businesses being bullied by them.

I want to thank Eve B, Suffolk University, Boston University and my good friend KP Devlin.

Remember friends don't let friends drink Monster Energy!


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Fantastic news! Oh, I'm so relieved! I've been involved since the beginning of this mess so I am very glad to see the end of it!


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I know it was an exhaustive and mentally taxing. But you stood up for your rights and what you truly believed in. So when I said to you a couple years ago that you already won you did. After that it was a case based on something else and I am glad you won that fight also. You deserve a pat on the back for your determination and effort. Congratulations.

Stevie D

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From the first day I read of this stupidity to today (7/14/17) I have refused to drink any of their products and will continue to do so.

Happy to read that just for once common sense prevailed in the morass that has become the American Legal System!