Anti parasitical medicines work against viruses?

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Mar 21, 2020
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I must agreed with WYite, virus will no multiply on it own or mutate on it own. It needs animals/humans (THO humans r animals) to mutate and multiply inside the living organism. By say multiply I mean when the animal or human become infected with COVID-19 for example, it needs a living organism to multiply and weaken or kill the organism but when an animal becomes infected with the virus, the virus is no likely to kill the animal but the animal becomes vector of the virus it self and when the animal is killed and eaten (for example that pet is a cow) by human, the human is infected and either gets ill or spreads the virus starting an epidemic->pandemic but will not b killed by that virus as it starts to spread and is fairly weak or human immune system is weak and will b likely to die or have a severe case of the virus! In fact this first infected human is called Patient 0 if anyone is no aware. The antiviral drugs r no likely to kill the virus bodies but stop it from multiplying into more viruses so less antibodies for our bodies to produce so less struggle for our bodies so antiviral drugs will no treat viruses in fishes but will help the fishes fight them.
Yes, the thread is coming off topic and will b likely to be taken down or locked so either it is locked or we start beeing on topic.