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Any tried and true methods to get my White Clouds to spawn?


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A few of my females are seriously full to bursting with eggs. I have at least one male that is showing the appropriate coloration, and behavior, for a fully mature male, but doesn't seem particularly interested in these ladies. I've never bred them before, and would at least like to provide my ladies some relief, they are incredibly gravid. Any good ideas? Tank is kept at room temp, high flow, high light, high oxygen.


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Move a pair into a plastic shoe box or other small plastic container, filled from the main tank. Put down java moss. Wait a week. Put the parents back in the main tank.

Seriously, that's it. One of the easiest fish to spawn.


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Sure, they'll spawn anywhere. You'll get fry surviving if it's planted, otherwise the other fish will gobble up the eggs. I breed them in a 100 stock tank in the back yard during the summer.


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I can positively ID a couple males... most look female to me. Fat "tummies" say female to me, skinny seem male.

If you truly want to breed them, then you need a 10-20g tank with largish stones over the bottom of the tank. Put a pair in there & remove them after they've done the spawning thing. It's not a sure thing but pretty good.