Anybody own a fish/aquaria channel? Anybody looking for a collab?

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Feb 3, 2021
Hey guys, I’m wondering if any of you own any aquarium/fish based channels? I’m 14 from the UK (I don’t care if you’re way older than me (talk about it more at the end of the post)), I own a channel (Sorry mods I’m not trying to advertise) called PetTide, just a bunch of pet videos, (all sorts but specialise in freshwater aquatics). I have 420 subs as of now, have 73K views and growing decently quickly (a week ago I got 300 in 2 days, I’ve now gotten over 500 in the last 48 hours).

Does anybody have channels and want to collab? Some sort of stream answering questions or controversial aquarium topics? It would be great if you have an audience with lots of questions to answer! I’m 14, from the UK, you can be 30 I don’t care if you are way older than me, after all we both share the same passion for fish so why not work together. If you are interested, pm me or you can email me:

Good day everyone, and good luck to the people suffering the snow in Texas!