Anyone in BC, Canada who has a pond?

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Aug 31, 2018
I only have bullfrogs (sadly cause I want green frogs cause they are not a skittish) and they croak here and there but it's rare to hear them. I have heard that bullfrogs can be VERY annoying though.

I will look for more setup pictures when I get a chance. They are on a hard drive i don't currently have hooked up. But here is an explanation...from the main pond I have a negative edge skimmer (which I do not recommend, if/when I change things I will get rid of it) which flows to my DIY skimmer box, through holes in the skimmer box water falls into the 9x7 basin filled with barrels, at the bottom of that is 2 pumps, one goes to the waterfall to stream back to pond and the other goes to the bog which overflows through a couple pipes back into the main pond. I have large sponges in the skimmer and waterfall box that I rinse...not as often as I should lol, maybe once a week at most. The skimmer box also has a DIY net/basket that I empty as I needed. And the waterfall box has a bag of bio-media which I think is totally unnecessary and I plan to replace it with more sponges eventually. I have almost 30 varieties of plants also filtering the water in different areas. Overall I like the setup and think it is sufficient filtration for a not overstocked pond, in 3 yrs I have yet to see any nitrates. I can leave it for weeks and the only issue is string algae but I have an algae problem, always!

Algae - I am trying patience, adding shade and more patience. I'm told with my situation and water test results that it is just a matter of time before the pond becomes balanced and algae should subside. With that said the algae is the worst it has ever been. We did plant a tree to eventually give more shade to the stream since that's where the worst algae is (and the water gets a bit too warm as well) and set up an umbrella (which has stopped green water blooms).

I think reinforcing the side walls might be needed.

Yes, people use carpet under their ponds. I've heard it can break down though and cause problems later though and you have to be really through to make sure there is no staples or nails or such in it. I think carpet with a layer of real underlayment on top (closest to the liner) is a good choice though.
So did they end up making the pond?