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AquariumFishGuy's Specs

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by aquariumfishguy, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. aquariumfishguy

    aquariumfishguy Social Regular

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    Jul 14, 2003
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    Aug 1, 2006
    AquariumFishGuy's Tank Specs
    Last Updated: 1/21/05

    Hello, and welcome to my tank specs page. I will highlight some of my favorites... all of which are the nicer selection from the stock of aquariums I currently have running. Sorry folks, no pictures as of yet. Will try to get some soon, as I have no digital camera in working order.

    80 Gallon Setup
    This aquarium was set up in June 1992

    -Current Fish Stock: 5 Fancy Goldfish (Varied)
    -Filtration: 2 AquaClear 500's
    -Heaters: 2 Ebo-Jager (250 Watt)

    29 Gallon Setup
    This aquarium was set up in November 1995

    Current Fish Stock
    Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami - 4
    Bleeding Heart Tetra - 4
    Black Sailfin Molly - 2
    Danios - 6
    Julii Corydora - 5

    Micro Sword - 2
    Anuvias barteri - 2
    Amazon Sword - 1
    Anachris - 1
    Red Ludwigia - 1

    Tank Equipment
    -Filtration: 1 AquaClear 300
    -Heaters: 1 Ebo-Jager's (200 Watt)

    55 Gallon - Community Tank
    This aquarium was set up in February 2000

    Current Fish Stock
    Boesemani Rainbow - 3
    Praecox Rainbow - 4
    Pineapple Swordtails - 6
    True Rummynose Tetra - 8
    Bleeding Heart Tetra - 4
    Gold Nugget Pleco - 1

    Micro Sword - 5
    Variegated Japanese Dwarf Rush - 2
    Java Fern - 2
    Wisteria - 1
    Amazon Sword - 1

    Tank Equipment
    -Tank Stand: Solid Wood Stand & Canopy (Cherry Stain)
    -Filtration: 2 Penguin Bio Wheel 330's
    -Heaters: 2 Ebo-Jager's (200 Watt)
    -African Driftwood (24" X 36")
    #1 aquariumfishguy, Feb 15, 2004
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2005

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